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Homestead definition: a dwelling with its land and buildings, occupied by the owner as a home and exempted by a homestead law from seizure or sale for debt.. See examples of HOMESTEAD used in a sentence..

HMU is an abbreviation for " hit me up ," according to It is slang to tell someone to call you, text you or reach out. It can be used in many ways, such as to request or...A person who "cruises" is usually checking out someone they may already be interested in, or roaming the clubs and other venues looking for someone, usually for anonymous sex, or possibly even drugs. If accompanied by a crew, a cruise may involve hours of mindless party hopping while under the influence.

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You can also send it as birthday present, it makes always fun. Beautiful. Gorgeous.1. A generation for people born between 1980 and 2000, Millennials mainly grew up with arguments over who was the best Friends Character and wearing Jordans. 2. An insult used by old people or boomers that are mad they aren't keeping up with the timesUsed to call Sugi. A Shawty is a savage Indian guy who typically likes girls who have sketchers on. Just recently featured in a song "sketchers", all the girls dig Shawty but he has a big crush on one. "Shawty bad with the sketchers on"A word used when you agree with something; or when you want to recognize someone for being themselves, i.e. courageous and unique or not caring what others think. Especially common in online political slang. The opposite of cringe, some times the opposite of biased. The latter usage is the original use as coined by rapper Lil B, and the word originally took off on the meta-ironic website 4Chan ...

To abuse any licit or illicit substance via insertion into one's rectum.Adjective: Someone who is from an inner city and expresses the essence of urban culture. Not to be confused with ghetto because a person can be hood but not ghetto at all. Describing a person as 'hood" can be a positive compliment but describing someone as ghetto is usually derogatory. Many people that are "hood" are successful, classy individuals who not only survived the perils of the inner ...A bitch ass nigga, dumb ass nigga or a lame ass nigga it's just a word for stupid bitchesa young muthafucka that don't know shitDid you see the fight last night? Aaliyah manhandled James so badly, James is now in the Hospital. To physically dominate someone roughly and forcefully

It's actually pretty hard for a word to get the boot. As a child, one of my favorite books was my mom’s dictionary from the 1960s. The words that delighted me then—like crapulence ...A word meaning "Move, bitch." It is an evolved form of the phrase once uttered by Ludacris: "Move, bitch, get out the way." It is known as the most scholarly word of the new generation.Someone who sneaks down people's chimneys and then fucks them. ….

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What does 'no cap' mean? Here's the definition of the slang term and how to use it.A boy who makes you feel like he can give you the stars. A boy you believe only sees you. A boy who gives you that "I have to pee" feeling even though that isn't true at all. Someone you would do anything for, someone you believe would do anything for you and would never hurt you. the one person who can make you feel beautiful. a person who can also make you feel insecure.

The act of being a goon. Also, pertaining to being a complete and utter goof and dweeb.HMU is another one of those acronyms that you’ve probably seen online and had to Google the meaning of. People use HMU and other popular internet abbreviations like NSFW or SMH to express something that’s beyond the scope of modern language. Using these acronyms is a great way to convey your emotions online quickly and effectively.Short for suspicious or suspect. Used when a person or thing is not to be trusted.

gigs on this weekend Anyone in competition or against you. Mainly used and originated in chicagoHMU is a very widespread internet abbreviation that can stand for multiple things, depending on the context. ... By April the first Urban Dictionary definition was added. Following that, "hmu" exploded, becoming from nothing to one of the most used shortenings on social media. braids shaved sidestoyota 79 landcruiser Hmu definition: (Internet, Internet slang, text messaging) Hit me up (contact me at a later time). how do i gift an album on itunes A nubile young temptress, who dresses teasingly and provocatively. land cruiser 200 roof rackhouston time and india timelowes heat and air window units hmu . Examples ; Acronyms dictionary HMP . What does HMP mean ... This is not meant to be a formal definition of HMP like most terms we define on, but is rather an informal word summary that hopefully touches upon the key aspects of the meaning and usage of HMP that will help our users expand their word mastery. ...HMU. HMU is an abbreviation for the phrase “hit me up.” It’s often posted online to announce that you’re looking for something to do and to encourage others to reach out to you. In a one-on-one exchange, it’s an invitation for continued contact, meaning “text me,” or “call me,” or simply “let’s talk again.” crunch gym times 1) To insert one's nuts into the mouth of another (of either gender), usually while they are sleeping. Can either be a situation of laughter or of excruciating pain, depending on whether the victim is a biter. 2) When after being brutally killed in Halo 2, your opponent squats repeatedly on you, imitating the act of dipping his balls on you. how much psi is a human bitemichelin all terrain tires for trucksmaaco cheapest paint job HMU can be a quick code for asking about updates once the slang has set into the dialect. That is, the more you use HMU in your textual conversations, it would become an unspoken understanding that the slang refers to updates. For instance, 'And listen. You can HMU anytime with updates' or 'HMU if anything'. For infoAnother term for loli. Refers to a loli anime character. It is often associated with the crying emoji 😭. People often scream UUOOOOOOHHHHHH with a crying emoji 😭 when talking about cunnies. The term cunny is widely used in the Blue Archive community